Pampering Sessions

There is no better way to unwind than by treating yourself to a truly indulgent and much-needed, deeply relaxing ‘me-time’!


After all the hard work of daily life, you certainly deserve it.


Whether you’re looking for a de-stressing break for yourself or want to gift a loved one with a relaxing session, you’ll find it’s truly a pampering pleasure and there isn’t a more thoughtful gift…


30 mins Massage + 30 mins Facial 

TIME OUT £69.00

30 mins Massage + 45 mins Facial

LOOK GOOD £59.00

45 mins Facial + File & Colour for hands or feet

TOP TO TOE £92.00

45 mins Massage + 30 mins Facial + File & Colour for hands or feet

PAMPER ME £105.00

60 mins Massage + 50 mins Facial

All facials and massages are customised to you individually, accordingly to your skin type, needs and frame of mind. Manicure and pedicure comes with OPI standard polish, Japanese Detox Treatment or Conditioner however,  this can be upgraded to CND SHELLAC gel polish for just only £5.

Massage Salts