Simply Beauty was born in 2012 for the irresistible need of beauty and health celebration as well as for the unstoppable need of spreading and sharing the passion for beauty therapy. Created with love, passion and heartfelt experience, could not be a better place for you to feel safe, relaxed and beautiful...

We believe in quality. We care about our earth, we are aware of environmental issues and we are against the animal cruelty. We also appreciate a quality conversations if you only feel like having one. All our products are chosen carefully so you can be sure only top quality and beneficial ingredients goes into your skin. We use original products from genuine suppliers, no cheating! We are proud to be authorised Ellipse IPL and Laser System as well as we are Nimue Skin Technology Derma-cosmeceutical Skin Care Salon. CND Shellac, IBD, Essie, OPI goes on your nails, and we wax with Perron Riggott hot wax.

You can truly indulge in serenity and discover a beautiful, relaxing sense of peace while giving your skin and nails the wonderfully luxurious treats, sooth and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Skin Health Facial Treatments

Our Facial Treatments are designed to be exceptionally gentle, non-invasive, non-irritating and safe. While being very effective, they are also wonderfully relaxing and soothing.


They are suitable for all skin types, and offer a range of rejuvenation, rebalancing and reconditioning treatment procedures for smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin.


With much more on offer than simply facials, take a look at the stunning menu. Thorough consultation and advice will be given prior to treatment.


Nimue Skin Technology is a leading derma-cosmeceutical brand which was designed in 1994, primarily for pre and post-operative care for medical patients, as well as for use by advanced professional skin therapists to deliver advanced rejuvenation to the skin. The brand is known and loved for its use of hi-tech fusion complex acids, naturally – derived antioxidants, phytochemicals and peptides as well as a unique delivery system to deliver ingredients to the intended skin cells without the need for machinery. 


Nimue ensures that each skin condition receives results from the first use with maximum penetration and minimum irritation. This is a prescription-only brand and the best results come from the combined use of professional treatments and home care products.

Woman with Hand on Face
Active Rejuvenation AHA Bio-Peel Treatment 

Approx. 50 mins £62 

A specialised active, yet gentle and safe treatment that facilitates dermal rejuvenation. The treatment delivers superior results, reducing pore size, achieving a more refined skin texture, increasing skin elasticity, collagen synthesis, radiance and vitality. It’s an active treatment using Nimue’s 15% Bio-Active complex which combines three Alpha Hydroxy Acids buffered to a pH of 3, which is the most effective for epidermal and dermal regeneration.


Not indicated for Interactive Skin. 


Recommendation: weekly or bi-weekly courses of 6-12 treatments; Maintenance: monthly treatment together with home care.

Deep Pore Cleanse Treatment 

Approx. 75 mins £72

It’s an antibacterial, purifying and normalising treatment involving steamer to warm and soften the skin and open the skin pores, blackheads and milia manual extraction, high-frequency electric current to disinfect the skin and close the skin pores. Treatment heals spots and inflamed pimples, minimizes skin pores, improves sebo-glands function.


Suitable for any age and any skin type with impurities blocked pores, acne, imbalances as well as is a great regime routine to keep your skin healthy and glowing. The treatment mask consists of Kaolin and Tea Tree oil which assist with the absorption of excess oil and impurities, helping to refine the skin’s surface texture. Designed to treat problematic, oily, acne-prone and congested skin. Indicated for all skin classifications, for maintenance between peels, specifically for Problematic skin.


Usually, one treatment to be repeated every 1 – 3 months for the best results however, that depends on your individual skin condition. Your therapist will advice the best program for you.

Lunch Peel AHA Bio-Peel Treatment

Approx. 30 mins £38

A Flash Treatment using Nimue’s 15% Bio-Active complex which combines three Alpha Hydroxy Acids buffered to a pH of 3 – the most effective pH for epidermal and dermal regeneration.


It’s a quick skin rejuvenation that you can squeeze in your busy schedule, even on your lunch break (if you work nearby) or any other time of your day, week, month. 


Recommendation: weekly or bi-weekly courses of 6-12 treatments;


Maintenance: monthly treatment together with home care.