Arosha Body Treatments

The Arosha Body Wrap is a body slimming wrap treatment that:


  • Detoxifies

  • Fights cellulite

  • Tighten, tone and firms

  • Helps with water retention

  • Lifts and nourishes your skin

  • Reduces 5 cm after just 1 treatment



  • cellulite

  • heavy legs

  • lifting & volume

  • peeling

  • shaping & remodelling

  • tonification

  • water retention


10 treatments 1 or 2 times a week is recommended for the optimum results. After a course we recommend to repeat the treatment every 2 months for a long term results.

Appointment duration: 90 mins and that includes: full consultation, weighting, measuring, body brushing. Actual wrap treatment in the pressotherapy blanket duration is 45-60 mins.


  • single treatment £120

  • single treatment & customised facial £170

  • course of 10 treatments £1000 (£100 per single treatment)

There is an additional one off expense of £20 for your personal Arosha treatment brush. You need it for each treatment and to keep daily body-brushing at home.