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  • Skin Health Facial Treatments
Skin Health Facial Treatments

Our Facial Treatments are designed to be exceptionally gentle, non-invasive, non-irritating and safe. While being very effective, they are also wonderfully relaxing and soothing. They are suitable for all skin types, and offer a range of rejuvenation, rebalancing and reconditioning treatment procedures for smoother, healthier and younger looking skin. With much more on offer than simply facials, take a look at the stunning menu. Thorough consultation and advice will be given prior to treatment. 


Nimue Skin Technology is a leading derma-cosmeceutical brand which was designed in 1994, primarily for pre and post-operative care for medical patients, as well as for use by advanced professional skin therapists to deliver advanced rejuvenation to the skin. The brand is known and loved for its use of hi – tec fusion complex acids, naturally – derived antioxidants, phytoceuticals and peptides as well as unique delivery system to deliver ingredients to the intended skin cells without the need for machinery. Nimue ensures that each skin condition receives results from the first use with maximum penetration and minimum irritation. This is a prescription only brand and the best results comes from combined use of professional treatments and home care products.

Nimue Facial Treatments Menu:

Active Rejuvenation AHA Bio Peel Treatment Book Now

Approx. 50 mins £62 

A specialised active, yet gentle and safe treatment that facilitates dermal rejuvenation. The treatment delivers superior results, reducing pore size, achieving a more refined skin texture, increasing skin elasticity, collagen synthesis, radiance and vitality. It’s an active treatment using Nimue’s 15% Bio Active complex which combines three Alpha Hydroxy Acids buffered to a pH of 3, which is the most effective for epidermal and dermal regeneration. Not indicated for Interactive Skin. Recommendation: weekly or bi-weekly courses of 6-12 treatments; Maintenance: monthly treatment together with home care.

Deep Pore Cleanse Treatment (with steam & extraction) Book Now

Approx. 75 mins £72

It’s an antibacterial, purifying and normalising treatment involving steamer to warm and soften the skin and open the skin pores, blackheads and milia manual extraction, high frequency electric current to disinfect the skin and close the skin pores. Treatment heals spots and inflamed pimples, minimizes skin pores, improves sebo-glands function. Suitable for any age and any skin type with impurities, blocked pores, acne, imbalances as well as is a great regime routine to keep your skin healthy and glowing. The treatment mask consists of Kaolin and Tea Tree oil which assist with the absorption of excess oil and impurities, helping to refine the skin’s surface texture. Designed to treat problematic, oily, acne prone and congested skin. Indicated for all skin classifications, for maintenance between peels, specifically for Problematic skin.Usually, one treatment to be repeated every 1 – 3 months for the best results however, that depends on your individual skin condition. Your therapist will advice the best program for you.

Lunch Peel AHA Bio Peel Treatment Book Now
Approx. 30 mins £38
A Flash Treatment using Nimue’s 15% Bio Active complex which combines three Alpha Hydroxy Acids buffered to a pH of 3 – the most effective pH for epidermal and dermal regeneration. It’s a quick skin rejuvenation that you can squeeze in your busy schedule, even on your lunch break (if you work near by) or any other time of your day, week, month. Recommendation: weekly or bi-weekly courses of 6-12 treatments; Maintenance: monthly treatment together with home care.

Therapeutic – Relaxation Treatment Book Now
45 mins £48

A result orientated, relaxing treatment customised to the clients specific skin requirements, with all the facial therapy essentials included: cleanse, exfoliate, gentle steam, massage or extended massage and treatment mask. Recommended as an introduction to new Nimue users or between courses of peels. Also great as a monthly pamper, support or maintenance treatment. Indicated for all skin classifications.

 35% Glycolic Peel Book Now

Approx. 50 mins £62

A deeper exfoliating treatment, indicated to renew ageing skin, repair UV and environmental damage. Reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores; evens skin tone and increase skin firmness. Ideal for rough, thick, dull and tired skin. 

Glycolic acid stimulates cell renewal in the deeper layer of the skin and brings new healthy cells to the surface, revealing a brighter complexion. The skin is also stimulated, causing the produce of collagen.

SRC – Skin Resurfacing Complex (For Environmentally Damaged Skin) Book Now

Approx. 50 mins £62

It’s an advanced revitalising and rejuvenating superficial resurfacing of the skin through the effective combination and concentration of 5 naturally derived acids. It removes dead and damaged outer layers of the skin, stimulating epidermal growth the same time helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, soften and refine skin texture and provide skin radiance. Recommendation: weekly or bi-weekly courses of 6-12 treatments.

SRC – Skin Resurfacing Complex (For Hyperpigmented Skin) Book Now

Approx. 50 mins £62

Offers an advanced brightening and anti ageing superficial skin resurfacing effect for uneven skin tone. It’s a superficial resurfacing of the skin through the effective combination of 7 compounds, including a broad spectrum antioxidant complex, working in synergy to improve the appearance of hyperpigmented skin conditions. It removes damaged outer layers of the skin, helping to improve skin tone.

SRC – Skin Resurfacing Complex (For Problematic Skin) Book Now

Approx. 50 mins £62

Offers an advanced corrective and rejuvenating superficial skin resurfacing effect for the control of acne and acne prone skin conditions, through the effective combination and concentration of naturally derived acids, removing dead outer layers of the skin. It helps to reduce pore size, soften and refine skin texture, heal spots, breakouts, blackheads and inflammation.

Microneedling (Dermaroller) Treatment Book Now

Approx. 45 mins –  £62

A specialised skin anti-aging and rejuvenating treatment, effectively stimulates the natural processes of collagen synthesis and skin regeneration. A microneedle roller with fine titanium needles is gently rolled over the skin surface, causing microscopic channels in the skin. This encourages body natural healing process and renews the skin cells.

Ideal for sun damaged skin, lines and wrinkles, uneven tone and texture, superficial acne scarring, poor hydration, firmness and elasticity.

Results And Benefits:

  • Softening of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restoration of volume and plumpness
  • Reduced pore size and improved skin texture
  • Improvement of superficial scars
  • No downtime or lifestyle disruption
  • No sun sensitivity is induced
  • Can be used on thin skin


  • Allergies
  • Roaccutaine therapy or its equivalent
  • Pregnancy, breast-feeding
  • Active Acne
  • Skin cancers, warts, raised moles, solar keratosis
  • Any skin infections
  • Rosacea, eczema, psoriasis
  • Open wounds and sores
  • High dose of cortisone

A minimum of 6 microneedling treatments at weekly or bi-weekly intervals is required to obtain desired results.

For after care is use of healing minerals, peptides or hyaluronic acid. Also, protect the skin with zinc based sun screen and use of mineral makeup to help with the healing.

A new microneedle roller from the sealed sterile package is used per each treatment and it is disposed thereafter. We don’t keep rollers to re-use on your next visit.

 D’Arsonval High Frequency Treatment 

Approx. 45 mins –  £48 Book Now

Post Treatment 15 mins – £10 Book Now

An electrical current used to stimulate nerve endings and accelerate blood circulation. Improves the skin metabolism, has anti-aging and tightening effects, improves secretion and balances skin pH value. By producing ozone, disinfect and heal wounds, spots, inflamed acne and blackheads. Promotes healthy cells functions

Excellent as a 15 mins – post cleansing treatment.

Ultrasonic (Cavitation) Peeling Book Now

Approx 45 mins  – £48 

The treatment exfoliates the dead epidermis layer of your skin and uncovers younger dermis layer free from dead cells, excess of sebum, bacteria, toxic substances and residues of cosmetics. Skin prepared in such a way is ready for better absorption of active ingredients we are going to use in a next step (sonophoresis). Treatment visibly smoothens and softens the skin and destroys all bacteria and microorganisms  – which is great in case of acne or impure skin types. After the treatment your skin may become slightly red for few minutes up to a few hours.

Please note, the following conditions may prevent or restrict you from receiving specific services at Simply Beauty Of Chiswick. Please note that while this list covers many contraindications, there may be others not listed below that would also prevent you from receiving services, and we reserve the right to determine what constitutes a contraindication.

Contraindications that PREVENT a facial treatment:

Viruses such as colds, cold sores, warts, Bacterial infections such as impetigo, boils, conjunctivitis, styes, Fungal infections such as ringworm, blepharitis, Undiagnosed lumps or swelling, Broken bones, known sensitivity or allergy to products. Eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, fresh bruising, open sores, bleeding, tooth abcess, broken jaw or other facial bone, facial cancer, head lice, recently consumed alcohol, under the influence of drugs, unstable blood pressure, recent head injury, recent neck injury, fever, contagious disease, recent haemmhorage, recent scarring

Contraindications that could RESTRICT a facial treatment:

The following conditions are contraindications that will not necessarily stop the treatment from taking place but they may mean the treatment is restricted or may have to be adapted: Cuts/abrasions/broken skin, Bruises or swelling, Recent scar tissue (less than six months old), Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Acne vulgaris, Acne rosacea, Skin tags, Milia, Recent sunburn, Current medication that may affect treatment needs to be disclosed, Claustrophobia, Broken capillaries/veins.

Immediate aftercare:

The skin has been deep cleansed (optional), stimulated, rejuvenated and nourished. No aftercare is needed except to avoid picking, squeezing pimples or touching the area. Try not apply make-up for at least 8 hours if possible, avoid any further overstimulation and heat treatments for at least 12 hours, avoid highly perfumed products. No depilation (hair removal) should take place after a facial. If any rash, irritation or itching occurs, just apply a cool flannel to the area. Regular use of Nimue homecare products will help the skin to sooth, restore and further rejuvenate. Regular treatments will help to regulate a skin concerns and improve skin health.